Yodel is built for business  

Yodel is a location-based business listing and community connection platform. 

In Yodel customers can find nearby businesses, view their contact information, check out their latest flier, menu, specials and place an order online for delivery or take away. 


Yodel connects to whatever delivery or online platform the businesses are currently using and takes NO commissions. 

To find and support businesses near you jump on yodel today,


Free from your favourite app store.  

NO signup required


Get relevant notifications to keep track of your shifts

Free up some headspace, Yodel will let you know when something requires your attention.


Create and post shifts in seconds

Focus your time on the important things. Don’t waste time calling, texting or emailing staff.

Key Features

Rapid shift filling

Reduce time wasted filling shifts by 90%

Rapid alerts

Contact all of your employees in seconds

Employee privacy

Better control of employee data, making sure no one has access to data they shouldn't

Pay rate optimization

View wage costs before selecting employee's to ensure your budget is maintained

Improve morale

Fair shift offerings increase opportunity and reduce burnout

What our customers think

“Our busy Precinct required a mass text messaging service to help us cope with fire and other threat response, Yodels solution was simple, elegant and exactly what we wanted. Not an easy combo to achieve in the muddy world of digital apps.”

"The first time I used Yodel I posted 3 shifts by the time I’d posted the 3rd the first 2 were filled."

Jonathan Harris - McDonalds

Phil Diver - CTC

Call,text or email?

Nah, Yodel it!

Fill shifts fast !!

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